Custom, optional attributes in spring-restdocs

Documenting spring restcontrollers with spring-restdocs is a sure way to get great documentation. It allows one to document API endpoints based on examples used in a test, and document specific fields in a response. It’s even possible to document additional attributes of a field in a JSON response.

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Reduce the code to noise ratio of maven POMs

I really like maven for the structured way it provides for defining and building a project. But sometimes I wish for a less verbose notation than the XML of the Project Object Model (POM). For example, gradles dependency notation is far shorter than mavens dependency declaration.

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Easily build your own tech radar

The Thoughtworks Technology Radar is well known for showing technology trends and choices. For my project I wanted to have the same thing, not use the hosted public version from Thoughtworks, but a selfhosted option. Therefore I choose to base it on the Zalando opensource tech radar, and create a way to use a CSV file as input so updating would be an easy thing to do.

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